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Check The Tanks

Fuelled Up Quiz

Free 6 Minute Quiz
 for couples who want to know more about their relationship without guessing

The Fuelled Up Quiz helps couples identify what they're already nailing and what areas of their relationship might need a little bit of extra lovin’

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122 Ideas to Fuel Up Your Relationship

Free downloadable guide
 for Couples who want to make their relationship even better without wasting time or energy on the wrong things

Our relationship is just like a car, we can't expect to drive it forever without ever stopping to add fuel to the tank. Here you'll find 122 ideas to Fuel Up your relationship so that you never hit empty.

Get 122 Ideas to Fuel Up your relationship

8 Signs your Relationship isn't thriving

Free downloadable guide for couples who want to get back to a good place without things getting worse

Relationships aren't always smooth sailing. Sometimes they can be in more of a struggling state than a thriving state. These 8 signs will help you recognise where your relationship is at and if there is an area that might need some attention.

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Romantic Relationship

Happy Hour Agenda

Free downloadable meeting agenda
for couples who want to add a weekly happy hour check in chat to their relationship to keep it fuelled up

Discover the absolute bliss of having an agenda and regular cadence for weekly check in chats. Stuff doesn't build up, become more connected and create a chance to let air out of the balloon before it ever pops. We recommend this becomes a weekly ritual in your relationship that happens (roughly) at the same time each week. And hey, you may even want to do it over a bevvy. 

Get your Weekly Happy Hour Agenda here

Our recipe for a Fuelled Up Relationship 

Free downloadable guide
for couples who want a thriving relationship  without a massive time investment

These 6 Ingredients are what Fuel Co Founders Sammi & Nathan Jaeger use to keep their relationship thriving. It covers the things they do Annually, Seasonally, Monthly, Fortnightly & Daily.

Get the recipe for a Fuelled Up relationship here

Humming Household

The Calendar Collab

Free PDF Downloadable Guide
for couples who want to get their calendars and commitments sorted out without having to compromise too much

There are so many moving parts to two lives collaborating seamlessly; everything from time for yourself, your friends, your family, your career or business and each other. This guide will help you merge the two, figure out who is going where, when.

Grab the Calendar Collab to make your plan

7 Set & Forgets for a Humming Household

Free downloadable checklist 
for couples who want a full pantry and fridge without having to go to the shops every week 

Running a Humming Household ain't easy and we are big fans of automating as much as possible. Here are the 7 set and forget item's we've got on subscription so that we never run out. Plus we save tonnes of time and money by being organised. These are our go-to suppliers and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Get the list of 7 Set & Forgets for a Humming Household

The Future

22 Goals for 2022 Poster 
Free Template
 for couples who want to pick and kick goals in 2022

This canva template will help you design your goals for 2022. Grab the template, make it your own, print it and display in your home to keep you on-track.

Grab the free Canva Template to set your 22 Goals for 2022

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